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After more than 15 years of experience in both automotive distribution and production in three different countr​​ies, we have gained a very genuine and profound understanding of the automotive trade profession. AutoHansa takes full responsibility for increasing asset efficiency, while working with absolute discretion in order to not disturb the established distribution network. Our professional background also guarantees for a serious and long-term collaboration for taking care of models with dropping sales, while proposing a good offer to the clients of AutoHansa (dealers within Europe).


Right solution at the right time

Over the past 10 years, the automotive industry has undergone massive changes th​at have altered the way business is conducted and placed a strong emphasis on asset turnover and efficiency. Increasing costs, decreasing profits and a fierce competition put a high pressure on every model or version that is introduced. And it does not take long before it turns out if the effort was worthwhile. Instead of putting additional effort into marketing thus increasing the net working capital, exporting is usually a much more efficient way that helps to free up resources and instead reallocating them to the more important aspects of the business.

Cash first!

Since the start, AutoHansa has developed a network of small- and medium-sized dealers in various locations all over the European continent. Some models and versions are for example easier to sell in one particular country than in another. This way, AutoHansa ensures a fast and efficient stock disposal. The are cars usually ready to be picked up within 2-3 weeks from when the order is placed. AutoHansa also guarantees full payment of the cars before loading and shipment. 


With more than 15 years of experience in leading positions in both the automotive production and the distribution industry, AutoHansa holds a sincere concern for the "vendor" but also for the established dealers with the same brand in other countries. As a result, AutoHansa always creates solutions that ensure full discretion, meaning minimal disturbance among the established dealers in the country where the cars are sold.

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